13 – 16 of SEPTEMBER at the Compagnietheater as a part of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. For tickets in Amsterdam go here.
19 – 20 of OCTOBER at Folkteatern, Göteborg. For tickets in Gothenburg go here.
Selected for the New York Fringe Festival.
Selected for the Ellas Crean festival in Madrid.
Published with the support of The Swedish Academy.








A tale of suspicion, fear and moral courage

Playwright & Director Astrid Menasanch Tobieson

It’s getting dark. A night train is moving through Europe. On board the train is Miriam, two night passengers and the usher, who is also conducting the train. They are all going the same way. But as the night gets closer, their journey takes an unexpected direction.

On an empty field in no-man’s-land hundreds of people stand waiting. Most of them are carrying bags. Some of them are carrying children. They stand in square formations, 40 people per square. They are also on their way. They are waiting for a night train.

Night Passage is a story that originates from a true event that happened in Macedonia in 2015. What happens to the person whose worldview is controlled by suspicion? How long does it take for fear to take hold? When it’s dark, and we don’t know where to go, what are we willing to pay to be able to do the right thing?

“You do not leave the room indifferent”
– Aftonbladet, Sweden
“A play that gives voice to those who don’t have one and eyes to those who refuse to see reality”
– TimeOut, Spain
“It opens up a lyrical dimension and a larger perspective on responsibility”
– Expressen,  Sweden
“The trilingualism of the play create its own dramatical effect”
– Aftonbladet, Sweden


Astrid Menasanch Tobieson, playwright and director

Astrid Menasanch Tobieson is an actor, director and playwright known for creating highly intellectual and provocative political theatre. Night Passage is the fifth original play that she has written and directed herself. She has become a reliable and important voice in the public debate through her passionate commitment against the Spanish government’s restrictions and violations of the human rights in recent years.
Astrid is a graduate of distinguished acting school Estudio Corazza para el Actor in Madrid and was educated in directing at University of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. She has acted on some of the greatest stages of Sweden, as well as in Madrid. Apart from writing, directing and acting she has also translated a handful of August Strindberg’s most famous plays, some of which were the foundation of the highly critically acclaimed Hambre, locura, genio which premiered at Teatro Lara in Madrid in 2013, a play that continued on to theatre festivals in Italy and Mexico.
In Night Passage she continues to daringly and boldly encourage us to stand up, to think and feel, this time while searching to describe the unique expressions of the meeting and collision of two different cultures and three different languages.

Anna Karin Håkansson, actor

Anna Karin Håkansson graduated from Stockholm University of Dramatic Arts 2012. She is the tallest actor in Sweden. After her graduation she has featured in countless troupe theatre productions and is considered to be one of the leading actors within the field of political theatre in Stockholm. She also has great experience and knowledge in the work of both Shakespeare and Molière. She is critically acclaimed for her role interpretations in modern theatre as well as classical pieces.

Pilar Bergés Sanchez, actor

Pilar Bergés studied at Estudio Juan Carlos Corazza in Madrid for four years. Later she has worked as an actor in Corazzas play “Evocando Yerma”, based on the play by Lorca, which took them to Moscow in 2011. Aswell as in “Hambre, locura y genio”, based in a play by Strindberg, which took them to Mexico City in 2015.
In 2014, 2015 and 2016, she stars in “Todo irá bien”, a play by Jose Manuel Carrasco, who was a critic and audience success in the spanish capital. Carrasco also directed her in the short film “Haloperidol”, for which Pilar Bergs Sanchez won the Best Actress award in Jameson Notodo FilmFest in Madrid, 2016.
She has been nominated for Best Actress in a leading role at the Premios Pávez in Spain, 2015, for her role in “Piel Canela”, by Alejandro de Vega.